Thanks very much for the remedy that you sent me for the recurring cramps that I experience whilst playing football. I take one a few minutes before I start playing and have no trouble with cramps at all. I have also noticed that my recovery time after playing has also improved thanks.

C.I. Hertfordshire


I wanted to contact you to update you of my progress since coming to see you a while back. The remedies that you sent me for my ovarian cyst worked really well. The lump that I had decreased by ¼ in size in the week up to my operation which even the hospital was surprised by. After speaking to you I felt so much more at ease with myself and the anxiety that I was experiencing calmed right down. Thank you for all your help and support.

T.J. Hertfordshire


I just wanted to write you a letter to say thanks so much for the remedy that you prescribed for my Scarletina. Within a couple of doses of the remedy I began to notice changes with my skin and how I felt in myself. The eruption worsened ever so slightly just like you said may happen initially, but shortly after, the symptoms that I had quickly began to disappear. Within a few days my skin was almost completed clear. I went on to take a further dose of the remedy which you suggested and within a couple of days my skin was clear. Thank you so much.

E.B. Hertfordshire


Lee managed to rid me of some warts that I had for some years on my hands. Just before being referred to him I was regularly going to the hospital to have them frozen off. This didn't seem to work and also left me in great pain. I was given a course of remedies and within two months they all cleared up. I did not experience any pain or have any side effects from the remedies I took.

T.S. Hertfordshire


Thank you very much for the remedies that you sent for my children’s conjunctivitis and head lice. They responded very well to the remedies and both cleared up within a couple of days.

Thank you.

C.W. Hertfordshire


Dear Lee,

Thank you very much for the Lachesis remedy you sent me for my Tonsillitis. I felt relief soon after taking the initial dose and within hours the symptoms faded. I was very happy with the speedy recovery that I made. Many thanks,

K.H. Hertfordshire.